[Everett Greaton--home movies] Reel 48, Accession 2114

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Intertitles: “Maine The Land of Remembered Vacations” “Official State Picture, Maine Development Commission, State House, Augusta, Maine” Reel 48 is a tourist film highlighting the vacation opportunities available to fishermen at Maine sporting camps with intertitles throughout. Footage of men walking along a forest path to a bridge where they meet up with other men, including a view of a lake, cabins along the water and mountains in the distance. Footage of people entering and leaving a dining cabin, including shots of the surrounding area. A few shots of a man loading firewood onto a wheelbarrow and taking it to a cabin. A few shots of people and a dog on a porch. Footage of men fly fishing from canoes. Footage of a man putting a wicker backpack on his back, walking across planks over a couple of streams, setting up camp near a lake, unloading food and cooking supplies from the backpack, chopping wood and starting a fire, including the man walking past another man netting a fish. A shot of a squirrel. Footage of a man preparing a meal, including the man peeling potatoes, setting a picnic table, cleaning trout, starting a fire, frying trout and heating up coffee. Other men join him and he serves them coffee and trout. The men eat and then wash their plates in the water. Footage of the men packing up their supplies and walking along the lake. Notes on can: “Fish-Trout” “Dev. Comm”

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