[Everett Greaton--home movies] Reel 38, Accession 2114

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A few shots of people in a garden. A few shots of two men standing next to a pickup truck with a bed full of squash. Footage of people walking around. A few shots of a house with 1768 over a window. A shot of a woman pouring something out of a pitcher. A few shots of rows of trees in bloom with white flowers. Footage of a man in an office shuffling papers at a desk and reading papers as a woman sits next to him and takes notes, including a man in a military uniform handing the woman a Western Union telegram, the man laughing as he reads it and the woman holding the telegram up for the camera. A few shots of ice on a lake, including a man fishing along the shore. Footage of people on a beach, including children on a seesaw, people diving off of a platform in the water and a boy in a boat. A few shots of small birds intercut with shots of trees along a lake. Footage of men fishing, including a man reeling in and displaying a fish. A few shots of a farmer leading two cattle harnessed together. A shot of fish in a shallow pond. A few shots of snow covered trees and roads, including the sun setting below the trees and two people skiing in tandem. Intertitles: “The eclipse of the sun in southern Maine, August 31, 1932. Taken by Joseph S. Stickney, of Saco, Warden Supervisor, Department Inland Fisheries and Game, State of Maine”. Footage of an eclipse of the sun and preparations being made to record the event with intertitles throughout explaining the action and the various locations. A few shots of tents and various telescopes on wooden pedestals at the United States Naval Observation Outfit in Limington, ME. A few shots of men working with various pieces of scientific equipment around large tents in Alfred, ME. Footage of the eclipse. Donor Notes: “Eclipse/ Phil at Office/ Picnic at Tripp”

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