[Howard Kane--home movies] Reels 1-5

Bar Harbor, Old Orchard Beach, Maine
, International
Cairo, Egypt
Rome, Venice, Italy
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Can/box annotations and titles appear in quotes. Original times refer to old tape. Times on new dub vary. // Reel 1: (350 ft., dc 1927) 'Central Italy, Rome, Aqua Claudia and Via Appia.' 'Roma I. [?] aqueduct and Appian Way.' Title. Central Italy Rome Aqua Claudia & Via Appia. Sites. Buildings. Statues. Trolleys. Canals. Old cars. Horse and buggies. Woman carrying basket on head. (3:46). Small boat with rotating box net in canal. Sifting the water through. (4:27). Soldiers on bicycles. Guns on backs. Feathered hats. Busy city streets. Many elaborate fountains. Flora. Footage somewhat dark. (10:13). Reel 2: (300 ft., dc 1928) 'Venice.' War ships in harbor. Commuter boats. Busy waterfront. Canal boats with people rowing while standing. Fancy city architecture. Close ups of elaborate roof lines and moldings. Bell towers. Clock towers. (12:35). Large group of boys dressed in the same uniform followed by group of uniformed older boys or soldiers. More buildings and artwork. Alleys. Canals. Boats on harbor. Children on street. Sidewalk vendors. Selling balloons and trinkets. Men standing in gondolas. Nice canal footage. (17:39). Reel 3: (400 ft., dc 1928) 'Orthochromatic--Cairo, Pyramids, Luxor, Karnak and West Bank.' 'Egypt Cairo and the Pyramids at Giza from the present back to 2500 B.C.' Title. Egypt Cairo and the Pyramids at Gizeh from the Present back to 2500 BC. Bustling city. People in outfits and hats. Shots of architecture. Market place. Pyramids. (22:06). Sphinx. Sailboats with sails. (23:34). Title. Karnak The Glorious Styled by the Ancients The Throne of the World. Women in robes with basket on heads walking along next to ruins. Massive stone figures. Ruins. Etchings. Sailboats. People washing in harbor. Dock activity. Title. West bank the colossi of Memnon. Donkeys. People riding and walking. Giant stone figures in background. (28:20). Title. Ramesseum Imposing Ruins of Splendid Temple Built by Ramespbll 1300 BC. Huge stone figures and ruins. Title. Der El-Bahri Magnificent Mortuary Temple Reared about 1500 BC. By Makere first Queen Ruling Egypt. (29:58). Reel 4: (400 ft.) 'Maine Coast 1929.' 'Along the coast of Maine.' Title "Bar Harbor" hand written in all caps. Bar Harbor etc, sailboats, coast, looks like the Sultans. Black chauffeur. Intertitle: 'A day with lobster fishermen.' Weir fishing. Herring. 'Pulling a trap.' 'The day's work is done.' Title. Along the coast of Maine. Old Orchard Beach. Merry go round. Noahs Ark Amusement. Pier with Dance Hall Casino on End. People on Beach Dressed Warmly. Family in doorway of Cottage. Bar Harbor. Pan of Frenchman's Bay. Sailboats. Islands. Chauffeur. Title: 'Seining a Weir for Herring to be used as Bait". (33:40). Thousands of herring in water and nets and dory. Fishermen packing them into barrels and wash tub filming from lobster boat. ECU hand with fish. Men in waterproof gear, wearing caps. Very nice footage. 1929 Title. "Pulling a Trap". Two men hand pulling lobster traps. Title. "The Rock Bound Coast." Scenes from boat of shoreline. Close up of large hermit crab on floor of boat. Crashing surf. Working and pleasure craft on water. Dark footage. Title. 'Gulls as well as lobsters enjoy the Herring Bait.' (39:50). Gull frenzy around boat. Close up of fish. Lobsters. Crabs. Two men light cigarettes in boat for camera. Title. "The days work is done'. Fishermen head for the harbor. (42:01). Reel 5: (approx.400 ft.) 'Bar Harbor, Washington 1929 via Canada.' Views of lake surrounded by mountains. Man with camera hiking around. Maybe eagle lake at foot of Cadillac Mountain. Shingled cottage. Beautiful landscaping. Well dressed women in hats and men. View across Frenchman's Bay from Bar Harbor. Boats. People sitting on front porch smiling. Hiding. Making faces at camera. Woman feeding hay to two calves in barn. Tiger cat drops something on the ground. Maybe a bird. Line of well dressed people walking through the woods on wooden path. They stop and sip water from a spring in tea cups. Rocky brook or carrying place. Maybe another country. Scenes of distant waterfront homes seen from boat. Large ferry type boats on water. Ornate church. People hanging blankets on a clothesline. (47:18). Giant Waterfall. Cars loading onto a ferry. Tug boat. Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City. Locks. View from way up high of city with large buildings. Back end of a deer in thicket walking away. Large boat with smoke stack. Sailboats in the distance. Small waterfall and sea caves with stains going down to it. Man working on camera. People standing by car.

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