[Everett Greaton--home movies] Reel 10, Accession 2114

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A few shots of a field, including some with people and machinery in the background. Footage of men in a field digging out bricks of earth with small plants in them, including a man displaying one of them. Footage of men using wooden crates to transport the bricks of soil to cars on a small rail track. A shot of the small train moving along the tracks. A few shots of men unloading the bricks onto a conveyor belt which grinds them up and takes them up to the second floor of a building. A few shots of soil shooting out of a wooden chute. A few shots of workers loading bales of peat onto a truck. Footage of loggers chopping down, trimming and cutting fir trees into logs, including a shot of a man displaying branches from different kinds of fir trees. A few shots of loggers loading logs and branches onto a sled which is then drawn away by a horse. A few shots of a man unloading and trimming branches. Footage of a man loading branches onto a conveyor belt to take them into the second floor of a building. Footage of a man loading a large wooden crate full of ground up branches, sealing the crate, turning a knob on a pipe and watching steam emanate from the crate. A few shots of a man taking measurements, making notations, getting a water sample from a machine and then walking outside. Donor Notes: “Balsam Oil”

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