Chronicle - Made in N.E.

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October 30 1991
Aircheck Chronicle Wednesday October 30, 1991 Made in N.E.
Title: ‘Chronicle October 30, 1991, Made in New England’. Peter Mehegan and Mary Richardson host. Peter Mehegan reports on the making of Pez candy and collecting of Pez dispensers. Includes interviews with CEO Scott McWhinnie, Pez collectors Michael Tiedemann and John Bright, and clips from the film ‘Stand By Me’ and the television show ‘Thirtysomething’. Andria Hall reports on harvesting cranberries. Includes interviews with Ocean Spray CEO John Llewellyn, cranberry growers Paul and Linda Rinta, screener Nancy [Gratta?]. Peter Mehegan reports on a company, Eldred Wheeler, making reproductions of antique furniture. Includes interview with owner Emmett Wheeler, marketing director Rob Casey, and customer John Kyleigh. Episode ends with a preview for a Chronicle episode about Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. [Green screen error with weatherman Dick Albert between segments.]
Credits: Story Producers: Judy Greenspan, Gonca Sonmez, Stan Leven; Directed By: Bob Comiskey; Editors: Ellen Boyce, Joe Mozdiez; Managing Editor: Susan Sloane; Producer: Chris Stirling; Executive Producer: Mark Mills; VP/Programming: Paul LaCamera; Mary’s Clothes & Jewelry By: Ava Botelle; Mary’s Hairstyle By: Leon & Co., Belmont; Talk Back: (617) 455-9829; Additional Closed Captioning Funding Provided By: Dunkin’ Donuts; Chronicle

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