[Lloyd B. Hayes--home movies] Reel 1

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Men walk among piles of lobster traps along the water as a few young boys explore the traps. One of the men wrestles with a boy. Footage of the fishermen sitting on lobster traps eating dried cod as a boy watches. Footage of a fisherman walking and resting on the dock then rowing a boat to shore, tying it up and walking away. One of the fishermen demonstrates how a lobster trap works to a boy who then plays with a buoy. A shot of the boy exploring a lobster trap followed by a shot of the trap. One of the fisherman shows a bait bag to a boy. The fishermen and the boys sit on a pile of lobster traps and play with buoys. Footage of lobster boats with canvas shelters in the water. A fisherman in a lobster boat pulls up to the dock and a boy jumps in. The fisherman demonstrates how to fill a bait bag and load a trap to the boy before dropping the trap in the water and tossing in the buoy. The fisherman pulls in a trap. The man and the boy pull in and unload a small lobster crate. The fisherman demonstrates how to use a brass measure to size up the lobsters before dumping the crate back in the water. A shot of Spurling Cove. Footage of men walking along the docks past large lobster crates with a shot of the open crates. Footage of several seiners and fishermen rowing their dories. Seagulls dive in the water. Two fishermen empty their nets and fill their dory with herring. Footage of fishermen shoveling herring from their boat into a packer boat as other men shovel salt onto the herring.

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