Chronicle - MSBR/ VT

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July 25 1989
MSBR/ VT; commercials included; Enosburg Falls; a dairy farm is the first stop of this visit; then a stop at a diner adds to the morning; an interview with the local newspaper editor fills in the reasons for living in a small town; but some farmers are leaving because they can't afford to live in this environment anymore; llamas and sculpture are now part of landscape; residents talk about why they want to stay or move;
In the studio Andria Hall, Peter Mehegan; Mary Richardson; Rita J. Thompson; Bob Comiskey; Tom Fahey; Jim Fripp; Jeff Brawer; Kathy McKenna; Curt Reichenbach; Dave Teixeira; Nathaniel P. Worman; Chris Stirling; Susan Sloane; Mark Mills; Paul La Camera;

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