Good Day - #4451; Susan Wornick; Dr. Greg Jacobs; Sgt James Eagan; Paul Kober; Beth Charney

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October 1 1991
Master; Good Day; Tuesday, October 1, 1991; No. 4451; WCVB code 56; X2159; Rec. date 10-1-91; Air date 10-2-91
#4451; Susan Wornick; Dr. Gregg Jacobs; Sgt James Eagan; Paul Kober; Beth Charney; commercials included in the taping; Good Day; The Kober family asks for bone marrow donor volunteers for their son with the help of Beth Charney; James Eagan talks about how to avoid speeding tickets; back-of-the-box recipes are demonstrated; Gregg Jacobs is interviewed about sleep disorders, and ways ways to manage them; a paper towel comparison demonstration tests for absorption and strength of each product;

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