Specials - The Family Works

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January 25 1991
Family Works X5667; Syndication dub Reel 1; Kickoff Special; The Family Works; rec. date 1/25/91
Ann Jillian narrates a promo for Family Works Special, with clips from the show. Ann Jillian narrates dramatizations of different family scenes.
Credits: Produced by: Debra Shapiro, Written by: Curtis Poole, Directed by: J. Philip Miller, Cast: Ann Jillian, with Joanne – Deb Parmet, Ken – Ken Baltin, Matthew – Danny Middendorf, Emily – Hannah Simmons, Ron – Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, Jim – Derrick Grant, Jackie – Victoria Howard, Ted – Orisanmi Burton, Grandma – Mara Clark, Melissa – Berenda Chroniak, Liz – Liz Callahan, Associate Producers: Carolyn Kravetz, Susan Lawrence, Assistant Director: Scott Philbrick, Assistant to the Producer: Alison Mosher, Set Design: Ted Talanian, Lighting Director: Wayne Smith, Props Master & Floor Director: Bruce Goldman, Cameras: Judi Guild, Ted Phillips, Joe Soucar, Leroy McLaurin, Kevin McSheffrey, Audio: Dave Gardiner, Audio Assist: Jim Fripp, Technical Director: George Ellard, Videotape: Bob Armitage, Video/Maintenance: Al Brewer, Rick Zack, Post Production: Doug Devitt, George Ellard, Prompter: B. Geoffry Lans, John R. Bonner, Jr., titles: Frank Firnschid, Production Assistants: Michelle Weber, Ramsay Gifford, Jennifer Norling, Ken Vorspan, Set Construction: Mike Field, Mike Russell, Roland Valentine, Crane Operator: Wally Argo, Director of Operations: Jack Barry, Engineering Supervisor: Gerri Powers, Production Manager: Ed Andre, Special Thanks: Grossman’s Wellesley, MA, Wolfer’s Lighting 103 Beacon St. Allston, Accommodations Provided by Copley Plaza Hotel, Transportation Provided by Plaza Limousine, Incidental Music by Verite Music “Everybody Loves a Hero” by Freddie Catalfo. Courtesy of Rock ‘N Roll Showcase Copyright 1985 Catalfo/Doyle, Program Administrator: Leona P. McCarthy, Executive Producer: Mark Mills, Program Executive: Paul La Camera

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