Family Works - The Subject Is Family

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June 2 1993
Master; Family Works; The Subject is Family; stereo; X6194; Rec. date 6-2-93; 48:04; closed captioned; stereo
[Same as 2716.0328] [Mentions of child abuse and mass shootings] [Color bars] Includes 10 and 30 second promos. Jonathan Winters hosts a comedy special in front of a live studio audience. Features Margaret Cho, Brian Regan, Kathy Ladman, Mike McDonald, and music group Rockapella.
Credits: Directed by Bob Comiskey; Produced by Jerry Kirschenbaum; Coordinating Producer: Ramsay Gifford; Associate Producer: Alison Mosher; Assistant Director: Emmons S. Levine; Technical Director: George Ellard; Audio: David W. Gardiner; Lighting Director: Wayne C. Smith; Studio Cameras: Zip Bradwell, Karen Lippert, Marjorie McKenna, Robert Oliver, Craig Pizzo, David Skillicorn; Camera Assist: Susan Krieger; Post Production Editor: George Ellard; Teleprompter: J. Isaac Laughinghouse; Spotlight: Wayne Simpson; Maintenance: Al Brewer; Video: Michael Foti; Videotape: Bob Armitage; Stage Managers: Bruce Goldman, Jam Hakim, Scott Philbrick; Electronic Graphics: Emmons S. Levine; Production Assistants: Ann Marie Charland, Gail Chicoine, Eva Freeman, Gloria Harrison, Charles Nilosek, Pamela Picard, Lin Schreiber, Chi Chi Stirling; Rockapella: Sean Altman, Scott Leonard, Elliot Kerman, Barry Carl, Jeff Thacher, Rockapella Engineer: Robin Danar, “My Home” Written by David Yazbek & Sean Altman for the “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” Album. Fight Records/Zoom Express Records. Announcer: Donna Marie; Audience Coordinator: Susan Lawrence; Audience Comedienne: Angela Scott; Graphic Design: Christine Finn; Set Desgin: Mike Field; Design Director: Michael Tiedeman; Engineering Supervisor: Gerri Powers; Operations Manager: Jack Barry; Talen Executive: Joe Falzarano; Program Administrator: Leona P. McCarthy; Production Executive: Elizabeth Cheng; Family Works! Project Director: Judith Foy; Executive Producer: Mark Mills; Program Executive: Paul La Camera

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