[Groton Movie Queen]

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The Groton Massachusetts, Movie Queen film was shot in January, 1939 and shown in the Groton Town Hall January 26-27, 1939 as part of a larger local talent production. The "Movie Queen" starts as a young woman revisits her home town, exits and car, with her male companion and shakes hand with town selectman. In fact, the "Movie Queen" is Kay Fleming, a local high school senior. A celebratory parade follows on Main Street, Groton, with the Queen in an open car, followed by a long line of various cars, school buses, trucks, fire truck, highway department trucks, plows. Nice views of townspeople on sidewalks, students carrying textbooks. Dr. Harold Ayres leaves the post office on a snowy day. Boys exit at the high school Various views of children on way home from school on a snowy day. At the Shattuck Store, the Movie Queen exits, followed by Wally Bywater carrying a bag of groceries and George Shattuck, owner, appears in doorway. The Elm St. garage is shown, with mechanic Ray Charpentier, salesman Bob Burnham, and owners Dudley Whitney and James Madigan lined up to meet her, and to show her features of a new car. The owner drives off with her. She stops at Moison's Hardware to greet owner George Moison at door. He helps carry out her new purchase. Boys exit Lawrence Academy building, and some pose on steps. Views of the Lawrence campus in snow. A sign on truck H. Huebner & Son, Florist, Groton, Mass. The Queen visits their greenhouse, looking at various flowers, gets corsage, and meets Reginald Huebner, owner. Groton Drug is seen I corner. Queen enters and exits holding a box of candy, with David Dickson, owner. Long shot of utility pole lineman - Eliot Clark or Amos Stevenson on top. The Queen visits Paul Labey Shoes, where a sign indicates Shoes Rubbers Repaired Knives Scissors Skates Sharpened. Mr. Labey greets her at the door. She walks to the Sacred Heart Rectory where she is greeted by Father William Gunn. Students walk out of Boutwell School, solemn and two by two, then single file, toward camera dressed in winter coats. Sign for the Groton Inn 1770, J. Harold Marriott, prop. The white clapboard historic inn is surrounded by snow. Queen's car drives up and the Queen is seen reading the menu. Her car arrives at the Tydol station at Rt. 119 and Old Ayer Rd. where Will Carkin and Berton Robinson in uniforms attend to her car. She examines a new tire, and the men pose for the camera. The Queen enter another historic inn, "Boots and Saddle", owned by George Pierce, and is served a bottle of ginger ale and a snack.At the Main Street Gift Shop, she is greeted by Vera Lawler, owner. The store also advertises a lending library. View of May and Hally, Inc. Coal Wood tile Coke. She has changed into snow attire. Robert May, Jr. is playing with Nicky the dog. Young Patty Dilbert pushes a doll carriage down her driveway. At Groton High School, girls exit the door toward the camera at the end of the day. In town, a "gang" of men kidnap the heroine as she exits the post office and carry her to an open car. They zoom up Main Street, some riding shotgun, while a man notifies a policeman, who gives chase on foot, then gets into his car. Jerry Denaby notifies our hero, John O'Connor, who runs and commandeers Leroy Johnson Jr.'s bicycle and gives chase. At the hideaway, the outlaws drink and gamble, with girl tied up and blindfolded. The hero and policeman arrive at the same time and a fight with the outlaws ensues. The bad guys are quelled, the girl is rescued, and she kisses the hero. They run off to his car.

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