Discover New England - October Edition

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October 14 1991
Master; Discover N.E., October Edition; Rec. date 10-14-91; Air date: 10-27-91; WCVB code 28; X5819
Commercials are included in the taping; Discover N.E goes to Stow, Massachusetts, for apple picking and Stonington, Connecticut, for pressed apple cider at a cider mill; Nantucket cranberry bogs are actually ocean sprayed; innkeepers welcome visitors in the mountains near Moose Mountain in Vermont; a biplane take flight across the state of Maine;
Credits: Reporters: Peter Mehegan, Mary Richardson; Producer: Ted Reinstein; Executive Producer / N.E. Program Network: Peggy Allen; Field Producers: Stella Gould, Jerry Kirschenbaum, Kate Raisz, Red Teinstein; Videography: Judy Guild, Rodney Grace, Dick Dunham, Ken Sullivan, Bob Oliver, Zip Bradwell; Sound: Jim Fripp, Ellen Boyce, Bob Hakkila; Videotape Editors: Kathy McKenna, David Teixeira, Rodney Grace, Geoff Sullivan, Ted Phillips, Susan Krieger, Chris O’Hare, George Ellard, Leroy McLaurin; Additional Editing: Soundtrack, Boston; Graphic Design: Adrienne Epstein, Tom Neilsen; Electronic Graphics: Carolyn J. Stirling, Emmons S. Levine; Special Thanks: Mark Mills, Michael Teidemann, Crit Harmon, Aircraft Music Library, Ken Vitagliano / New England U.S.A; Program Executive: Paul La Camera

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