Discover New England - September Edition

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September 7 1991
Discover N.E. September Edition; X5797; WCVB code 31; Rec. date 9-7-91
Mystic Seaport features ship building; a steamer Sabino ride ferry ride is part of the river tour; a tour down east of light houses includes West Quoddy Head, near Lubec, Maine, and the first lighthouse, Boston Light; "I want to marry a Lighthouse keeper" accompanies photos of antique lighthouses; Frog Hallow is visited for its crafts center in Middlebury.
Credits: Reporters: Peter Mehegan, Mary Richardson; Producer: Ted Reinstein; Executive Producer / N.E. Program Network: Peggy Allen; Field Producers: Pat Bates, Art Donahue, Ted Reinstein; Videography: Art Donahue, Tom Fahey, David Skillicorn, Ken Sullivan; Sound: Art Donahue, Tom Fahey, Emeric Feldmar, John Mitchell, Dan McClellan; Videotape Editors: Jeff Brawer, Art Donahue, Susan Kreiger, Kathy McKenna, Nancy Moloney, Leory McLaurin, Ted Phillips, Curt Reichenbach, David Teixeira, Kevin Yarr, Nick Rogers, Michael Weil; Graphic Design: Adrienne Epstein, Tom Neilsen, Michael Teidemann; Electronic Graphics: Carolyn J. Stirling, Emmons S. Levine; Production Intern: Caroline Struzik; Special Thanks: Mark Mills, Bruce Drucker, Michael Teidemann, Jack Barry, Brian Whiting, Newport Tourism Bureau, New England U.S.A.; Program Executive: Paul La Camera

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