[Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 24

New, United States
West Indies, International
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NHF cataloguer's notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 24: (375 ft., dc 1931) 'West Indies, South America Cruise #1.' Guard Anchor. Sailor posing on deck railing of ship. NYC with skyscrapers in back of busy harbor with ferries. Boats with smoke stacks. Statue of Liberty. Film from top of large ship. Moderate swells. People on deck. Women laughing. Laying in deck chairs. Sailors promoting gambling. CU of gaming table with money. People buying tickets shots from stern. (37:36). Men and women swimming in small pool on board ship. Child walks by sign written in German and English. Only 5 feet deep run no risk. Wait staff setting up for meal. Carrying platters delivering food to passengers in deck chairs. Shot of sky form porthole. Mountains. Shoreline from ship. Sailors and parking lot full of cars. People waiting outside the Grand Hotel. (40:32). Bare footed black children looking at camera. black woman with giant basket on head. Palm trees. Tropical port. People on beach. Riding a horse in the water. Unique stone building marked. Barbe Bleue. Fuzzy shot of seaside city from some height. Cars with drivers. Laden donkey. Children with balloon sitting in front of handcrafted slippers. Belts. Back on ship. Shots of land. Boats below on water. (43:13). Men trying to pull a cow up a ramp and onto ship. Native people. Side of ship says Gouverneur Mouttet. Interesting boats in harbor. Shaped like giant bateaus. Beach. Buildings. Ocean liner on open water. Native women with baskets on heads. Children drinking from outside spigot. Large schooner in harbor. Porthole shot. Down town bustle. Streets. Cafe. Justice buildings. Arched foot bridge over canal.

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