[Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 11

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July 1975 - Another fishing trip with Al & Peggy. ***** August 1975 - A Sunday visit to Tom Henry's place in Sea Isle, with Pat Liebenow, Franny, Paul, and Matthew Menz; then the start of our an-nual Vermont trip at the Orleans Country Fair, the kids riding on amusements (Ned's 1st experience); then the town of Newport, on Lake Memphremagog; then Big Falls. ***** At the Beckerhoff cottage on Caspian Lake -- Maura with stitches and Ned, a fishing pole; then a visit to Stowe and the Trapp Family Lodge; then Mt. Washington, N.H. -- cog railway and vicinity, followed by a late after-noon shot of white birch and a sign telling of the Old Man of the Mountains. ***** Again on Cas-pian Lake -- a glimpse of the Badger cottage a-cross the lake; Dr. Hunt's boat, including "Lam-bie"; Jim Leadem's visit; trip to East Crafts-bury, including cows and a one room schoolhouse. ***** Glen Falls (near Stowe); then a picnic on Lake Champlain, including a visit to St. Anne's shrine. ***** Thanksgiving 1975 -- annual visit to George and Mary's, with Denny and Fran in bi-centennial outfits. ***** Also in York -- Outside football throwing; then the Statesville Johnsons departing (note Fran's newly-pierced ears); then an early December oriental meal at Franny & Joe's with the "gang" -- Kay & Ted, Rita & Sam, and us.

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