[Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 5

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1971 – 1972
Summer 1971 - Eddie holding Maura, with Kevin & Dandy; then Gretchen & Maura; Pop & Menega's visit; then at beach in Vent-nor with Sr. Francis; then out back and beside garage displaying tomatoes. ***** November 1971 - Fran Orlandini's wedding; then Kev & Dandy in Halloween costumes (before putting latter away); then wash-ing car with kids looking on; then kids on back porch decorating Christmas tree. ***** Christmas 1971 - On back porch; then Dandy's 3rd birthday; Maura in tub; Pop's 90th birthday celebration at Ken-ney's Suburban House - April 1, 1971. ***** Pop's party continued; then Easter Sun-day here with Pop-Pop Johnson; a view of Mary's tulips before blooming; kids out-side. ***** April 16, 1972 - Outside here (tulips in bloom), at McKeons, at CCC, & at Fort Apache with Tony G. & Trudy Menz. ***** May 1972 - In the garden; then at Parvin Park (Faculty Wives' Picnic); then with Tony before his graduation at CCC.

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