[Milton Dowe—home movies] Reel 6

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1937 – 1939
Intertitle: "Remote Control: Reading an article one night about remote control, we decided to control our home by radio." 15:40-19:32 woman sits in a living room chair doing needlepoint. Pan to her husband lying on couch reading a magazine. Radio behind him. He reads part of the article to the woman. They consult at a small card table, then scenes of the man working on a radio/box-like device with tubes and buttons. She takes the box and hits the button "breakfast" and the toaster moves on the counter, and the bread moves to the toaster, and is put in for toasting. The toast automatically comes out, and the butter finds its way to the toast. The coffee pot moves to the counter, followed by a coffee cup, all showing how the remote could work. Intertitle: "The Ice Harvest" 19:40- 21:58 Long shot men and truck on a frozen lake, sawing ice around a hole, using a sled-like device to cut it, and using tongs to pull the frozen blocks out of the water and onto the truck. An electric saw is used to cut the ice. In another scene ice is pulled along a chain track up into the truck. Various methods of cutting, sawing and moving ice are shown. Intertitle: "BM [Branch Mills] Church" Intertitle: "1861. First meetings were held in Nelson Hall, situated on this site." 22:02-22:43 LS pans of site with brick building in background and woman pointing out features. Intertitle: "In 1861 about twenty familys [sic] gave $100.00 each to help build a church. James Blaine of Augusta donated $25.00 toward a bell." 22:43-22:58 Views of church bell tower Intertitle: "The same bell now is used as a watering tub." 22:58 -23:12 Views of upside down bell full of snow Intertitle: "The second bell is in use today." 23:15-23:26 CUS of bell and its works Intertitle: "On Feb 22, 1912 lightning struck doing great damage" 23:26-23:42 Woman pointing out damage to clapboards on the church Intertitle: "1940" 23:42- 24:30 Interior views of the church, then exterior views with some snow on the roof and around the grounds. Intertitle: "Ice Fishing" 24:30-26:20 Woman digging hole in snow and ice on lake, followed by man doing same, setting a line, bating a line and putting in the ice hole. Woman runs to hole and pulls up her line, finding a good size fish, which her dog proceeds to run off with. 26:20-27:04 woman speaks with man in front of a car on the snow/lake. He wears a cap like a taxi driver or police man. She walks off with her camp basket on her back, followed by the man with his fishing gear and the dog. Intertitle: "A successful hunting trip in 1939" 27:04- 28:01 Views of a buck hanging outside a house. View of a buck thrown over the hood of a car, with three men gloating over their catch. CUs of the men. Intertitle: "Thanksgiving in 1939" 28:01-29:46 View of a male turkey in full display in a barnyard. he struts around. Two elderly women join others at the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Brief view of the food on the table, then individual CUs of people at the table, eating, smiling. Views of food on serving table. No young children are in the group.

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