Municipal Operations, Brewer--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 13

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Municipal Operations, Brewer--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 13Credit:

Credit: Walter V. Mitton home movies, Everett Foster Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Title, 'Municipal Operations, City of Brewer, Maine, 1939.' col.: people walking into brick building. Interior, women around desk. b&w, men getting into, and driving, trucks in town. Trees line street. Municipal garage with car leaving. Man walks down steps. Loading dirt into dump truck. Truck that sprays the street with water (or oil?). Two men shoveling dirt onto road from back of trucks. Dump truck driving backwards with men shoveling. Excellent coverage of trucks. Man driving steamroller on town road. Color. Red steam engine with dump truck. More dump trucks with dirt. b&w, front loader swings unloads dirt. A two-sprayer device sprays oil or water. Views of shovel loader. Color, loading dump truck with gravel which drives off, then makes delivery in town. A pony cart dries up. Person hops out, perhaps making a milk delivery. Steamroller going forward and back. View of trolley tracks under steamroller. b&w steamroller with barn in background, town. Men on rural road installing fence, tractor pulls a rough grader up hill, they are inmproving a road. Man digging a hillside into dump truck. Giant pile of gravel. Dump truck on new road lifts to unload and spread gravel on road surface. Snowy road, storm with snowplow coming toward camera. Scratched image. CHildren run behind snow plow. Color (faded) snowplows on roads in town and outside of town. b&w troops lined up, "Battery E" sign. Road with billboards. Troop transport. Color: Central Fire Station, all doors open and three fire engines drive out. Fire engines on road, other traffic. b&w, snowy scene, people on street. Title, 'Building the Municipal Auditorium, Brewer, Maine, 1939,' plank walkway. Dump trucks and steam shovel. Pan of site. Metal framing including four arches, beam being lifted by crane. Men working on frame, brick walls rising. Roof almost done. Color, red brick auditorium with smoke coming out of chimney, various views of building. Color, men standing under small wooden bridge shoveling dirt, the finished culvert, stonework around the culvert, and white marking posts above culvert: a new bridge.
Compiled black-and-white and color home movies featuring 1939 scenes of Municipal Operations workers and the construction of the Municipal Auditorium in Brewer, Maine.

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