[Howard Kane--home movies] Reels 6-12

Washington, D.C
West Indies, International
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1929 – 1930
NHF cataloguer's notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 6: (400 ft) 'FDR, cherry blossoms, White House, Washington monuments 1929-30.' Washington DC. Capitol building. White house. Washington Monument. Cherry blossoms. Historic buildings. Parks. Stone foot bridge. Ducks on pond. Motor boats on water. Lots of granite buildings. Small waterfall. Scenes of government buildings from across the Potomac. (7:53). Granite Marker stating 'Point for the Measurement of Distances from Washington on Highways on the United States'. Walkway along river. Cherry blossoms everywhere. People walking on sidewalk. Pass a Quaker State Motor Oil sign. Young boy smirks at camera and rhythmically hits his palm with a small bat or umbrella. (9:08). More than a dozen biplanes fly over nurses in full white uniforms with red cross pins working out of a tent. Pelicans swimming. Large group of people milling around in sunporch of large formal building. Men in top hats. Parade of soldiers on horses and large group of flags go by. All horses in each group are the same color. White or dark. A band on horseback. Parade marches in front of large grandstand. Band on foot. Soldiers marching with arms group of dark cars go by. Another view of sunroom of stately building. Man with hat over his heart next to an officer. Maybe the president? More bands. Color Guards. Lincoln Memorial. Fire works. Reel 7: (100 ft., dc 1930) Men playing baseball in shirts and ties on back lawn of cottage. Group of people sitting in living room talking and laughing. People sailing and motor boating. Kids posing on dock. Small boy doing somersaults. Boy getting piggy back ride. Film jumpy. Reel 8: (100 ft., dc 1928) 'Children.' 'K. Ames.' Toddlers in bathing suits on porch. Toddler riding a wheeled toy vehicle. Children playing on walk. Grass. Sandpile. Baby carriages. CU children and babies. Nurse holding an infant and bottle feeding. (18:34). Pause in film? Reel end? Reel 9: (20 ft., dc 1928) Nurses and [newborn? babies], weighing them. Reel 10: (350 ft., dc 1930) 'Doctor Kane. Ships.' 'Washington, West Indies, Freiburg, Ba.Ba., [Gerigheim], France.' Marina, fishermen, seaplane. 'West Indies.' 'Baden Baden.' Foreign country. Fishermen. Floatplane. Istahman Airplane. Snow fall. Title. Germany-Baden Baden World renowned spa and beauty spot. Ach so schone! Mountains. City streets. Flower vendors. Market place. Push carts. Cliffs. View from air of mountains. Child with scooter. Woman with baby carriage. Strolling through gardens and hedges with fountains. (23:26). Parade with large teams of horses with carriages covered with flowers. Cars with flowers. Waitresses at outdoor cafe with tall elaborate headpieces. Castles. Title. Oetigheim A Rural and Passing Show. May day parade with women carrying may poles. Holding the streamers and dancing. (26:32). City streets. Scene from underneath and through base of tower. Castles. Reel 11: (400 ft.) 'Miscellaneous color, 1930-1931.' 'Machias garden.' [Kodacolor] Woman in fur collared coat. CU of beaded purse. Stone wall surrounding small pond. Bridge. Ivy covered wall and iron gate. CU of young men in suits. Grinning at camera. Flower gardens. CU pansies. Woman in sequined hat talking to man. CU. fountains. Monument. Flowering shrubs. Tulips on edge of road with vehicles passing by. (32:08). Herd of rams playing on and around tall pile of rocks. Rally large wading stork type bird in a pen. Kangaroo. Condor. Bears. Sailboats on water. Crew in a large rowboat. They are in white hats and suits. They row up to dock and unload. large ships. Crew. Sailors running in groups. Monument with cannons. Private home with flowers and shrubs waving in wind. Older women walking through flower gardens. Man in suit eating something walking in garden. Water scene with boats and island. People posing in front of car. Flowers and shrubs. Around house. Scene of water and sky. Covered bridge. Reel 12: (400 ft.) 'Plane and blimp 1930.' Potomac flight Service. small airplanes at airfield. Hoover. (37:57). Biplane takes off with camera. Shots from above DC. Shots of pilots and crew. Blimp flying overhead. View from air again. Ball fields. Monuments. Capitol buildings. Goodyear blimp. Men pulling it along runway with large ropes. CU of engines and propellers from plane in flight.

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