[Lubec Movie Queen]

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A crowd of women. Men in uniform. Panning shot of water and coastline. Two boys in a rowboat. A car with a sign for ‘Movie Queen’ on the front. A crowd of people on the dock. A boat approaching. A woman, the movie queen, disembarking the boat. A man gives Anne a bouquet and a cardboard key with ‘Movie Queen’ written on it. The movie queen with the crowd on the dock. The movie queen, two men and a dog in a car. A parade of people in the back of trucks, one with: ‘PIKE’S MARKET, MEATS GROCERIES, TEL 45,’ written on the side. Various shots of people in the crowd. Shots of the parade. People exiting a building. Close up of the side of the Pike’s Market truck. Shots of people in front the grocery store and store displays. Sign: ‘BEAR IN MIND, THE LUBEC, DRUG STORE.’ Shot of the drug store windows. The drugstore staff give the movie queen a box of antiseptic mouth wash and a drink. Cut to a man playing with a baby. A house and children in a field. The movie queen and other people playing golf. Shot of an advertisement in a newspaper for ‘The Colonial Club.’ Storefront with the sign: ‘THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO.’ The movie queen greeting staff members. Sign: ‘Restaurant.’ The restaurant staff give the movie queen a large bottle. Sign: R.J. PEACOCK CANNING Co.’ People around the cannery. Storefront with the sign: ‘MULHOLLAND BROS.’ The movie queen in front of a vegetable stand. Sign: ‘HINSON’S’. The movie queen outside of Hinson’s. Close up of a dog. Shot of a sign: ‘LACKAWANA ANTHRACITE, The D + H. “D + H” CONE – CLEANED, ANTHRACITE, MAKES WARM FRIENDS, COLUMBIAN PACKING CO TEL 131-2.’ People and trucks in front of a gas station. Men unloading baskets of coal/anthracite. Men sawing wood. Blurry shot of a sign: ‘WILSON’S DEPT. STORE, LUBEC, MAINE.’ Shot of storefront. Sign: ‘MABEE’S DRUG STORE.’ People on the sidewalk. A man gives the movie queen a blanket. A group of boy scouts. A group of men. The men grab a woman and jump in a car. They bring the woman to the ringleader, who indicates that it’s the wrong woman. They repeat the process with a different woman. The men sit together, talking. They repeat the process again. The men kidnap the movie queen. They are chased by a boy on a bicycle. The boy ‘fights’ the men. Shot of the men lying on the ground. The boy punches the ringleader and carries the movie queen out of the car. Shots the men lying on the ground. The boy standing with the movie queen. He pounds his chest and then they hug. [End of Reel]

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