[Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 13

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Reel 13: (400 ft.) 'Southern trip 1930.' 'South 1930.' Car driving toward camera on country road. Spare tire on back of car has banner for Shenandoah Valley. Endless caverns. Long shots of hillsides. Power lines. Mountains. Snow falling outside of car. (2:56). Paramount movie poster. The Duncan sisters. More scenery. Mountains. fields. Trees. (4:12). Factory on water. City. Water tower. Park benches. Palm trees. Children playing. Ocean liner in distance. New paved road in foreground. Title. 32 Legare St Simonton House Built 1776 Noted Gateway 1815-1820 Sword gates Finest Examples of early wrought Iron. Cemetery. Church. Children of color. (5:24). Dancing in the street. Flowering trees. Roadway with thick. Overhanging vegetation. Swampy area with thick willow trees over it. Someone raking in distance. Sheep grazing in open field. (7:53). Monkey on ground playing with stick. It is tied up by its tail with string. Couple in front of home. Woman in fur coat pulls flowers off brush. Main St. Church. Stately buildings. Pier. Monuments. Fancy car.

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