[Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 36

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Sebago Wohelo No. 2 1939 Ocean Boating/Digging For Clams?/Camping out/Crafts/A Crow/Sailing/Riding
People walking down a pier. A group of girls (campers) getting on a boat, waving to the camera. People gathered on the shore. Digging for clams. Inspecting tide pools. Girls swimming in the ocean. Campers eating outdoors. Making pancakes on a campfire. A man in a rowboat pulling up a lobster trap. Girls poking at the ground with sticks. Loading gear into a canoe. Loading gear onto a boat. Campers on the boat. A motorboat towing a line of canoes. Two girls in sleeping bags pull a rope to cover themselves with a tarp. A girl working with a hammer. A girl using a spinning wheel. Girls working on a craft. A man playing with two crows. A crow perched by a fire pit. A bird on a tree limb. Campers rolling cloth [sails?] on the dock. Panning shot of the lake. Sailboats. Campers riding horses in an outdoor ring. A bulldog. A horseback riding competition. Campers walking away from the ring. Horses leaving the ring. Riding around the ring. A man handing out ribbons. [End of Reel]

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