[Zelma Williams -- home movies] Tape 8

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1st Camcorder Tape Christmas 92 - Steven W. Mel. B. Ball
A Christmas tree in a living room. A girl (Melanie) covers her face with her shirt. The woman filming (Zelma) narrates. A cat. (Stripes) A yellow lab. (Jasmine) Melanie cleaning up wrapping paper. A man (Dave) filming Zelma. Melanie filming Dave eating. Melanie filming with the cap on the lens of the camera. Family members opening Christmas gifts. Zelma and Melanie filming people and dogs on a frozen lake. Shot of the sky, with the sound of an airplane flying overhead. A child learning to ice skate. The group walking back up the hill. Indoors, a woman waves at the camera. A little boy goes looking for Melanie. People cooking. Shots of a black lab and a yellow lab. Melanie reading, ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ (1971) plays on the television in the background. A Christmas tree. A rabbit (Body) eats from a bowl under the tree. A cat looking out the window. A yellow lab asleep on the couch. The cat. A dog asleep on the floor. Melanie films herself. Close up of a baby. Dave on the telephone. The baby playing with the telephone. A football game plays on the television in the background. A woman holding the baby. The baby playing with a dog. A women’s basketball game. Dave and another woman watching the basketball game. Close up of Melanie playing basketball. Filming people in the crowd. Melanie filming various people. The pep band playing. A basketball game. [End of Reel]

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