[Zelma Williams -- home movies] Tape 7

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Puppies 4/97 Kentucky May 97 Natural Bridge Va.
Yellow lab puppies. Puppies nursing from the mother dog. (Jasmine) The puppies playing. The puppies sleeping in a line. The puppies in a cardboard box. The puppies in an outdoor pen. The puppies in an indoor pen. Jasmine and the puppies outdoors. Jasmine and the puppies playing indoors. A boy playing with one of the puppies on the side of the road. A man playing with the puppy. People in the parking lot of a Comfort Inn. People walking down a path at night. Scene too dark to see. A voice recording recites Genesis and music plays. Lights illuminate a stone archway. (‘Drama of Creation’, Natural Bridge, Virginia) The moon becomes visible through the archway. View from the hotel. Mountains. The road filmed through a car windshield. View from an overlook. A millipede. Panning shot of landscape. [End of Reel]

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