[Zelma Williams -- home movies] Tape 3

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St. Martin Vacation Feb '94'
The family (Melanie, Dave and Zelma) in a hotel room on St. Martin. Zelma, filming, narrates. Panning shot of the view outside their hotel door, ocean, mountains, ships, and buildings along the shore. People around the hotel pool. People on a yacht. Cruise ships. A catamaran pulled up on the beach. Boats anchored along the shore. The view from the hotel at night. Views of the island. People on the beach. Driving around the island, radio playing in the background. Driving past a grocery store. Driving at sunset. Shot of the ocean. The island filmed from an overlook. Ships lit up at night. In a restaurant. In an outdoor market. Policemen. A town street. Flowering trees. Driving around the island. Ships anchored off shore. A man playing soccer on the beach. Lounge chairs on the beach. People on the beach. Zelma and Dave swimming. (Melanie filming) Zelma and Melanie swimming. (Dave filming) People on horseback. Shots of the mountains. Melanie and Dave in a parking lot. Cruise ships and yachts at anchor. A lizard. Zelma and Dave seated near the water. A marina. A catamaran. A boat tour. (Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ plays in the background. Views of the island. [End of Reel]

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