[Zelma Williams -- home movies] Tape 2

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Camcorder Sunday River Vacation March 93
A hotel room door with the number 336. The woman filming (Zelma Williams) explains that they are at the Summit Hotel, Sunday River, Maine. Two girls (Melanie and another girl) watching TV. A man (Dave) lying on one of the beds watching TV. Shots of the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and pool. A birthday cake: ‘Happy Birthday Melly’. Melanie walking down the hotel hallway. Melanie and the other girl in the elevator. The girls in the hotel gym. Zelma films herself in the gym mirror. The girls swimming in the hotel pool. In the game room/arcade. Dave sleeping. Melanie watching television. View of the pool and Sugarloaf Mountain from the hotel room balcony. Skiers on the slopes. The family skiing. Melanie and the other girl on the ski lift. Dave on the ski lift. Shots of the ski slopes. Cows on a hill. (Looks like highland cattle) A horse. People getting into a destroyed car. Teenagers (including Melanie) in a barn. Melanie films a dead porcupine. People on the beach. Houses and landscape filmed from a moving vehicle. Teens skateboarding on a pier. Houses along the shore. A bald eagle perched near its nest. Puppies asleep on a blanket. A man cutting down a tree with a chainsaw. A backyard barbecue. People swimming in the lake. A man working on a dock. Putting in the raft. [End of Reel]

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