[Zelma Williams -- home movies] Reel 11

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#2 Zelma's 76 -; Reel #2 Beginning 76 Yellowstone July 1976
Landscape filmed from a moving vehicle. Hot springs. A lake. Geysers. People watching a geyser erupt from an amphitheater. (Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park) Deer. Mountains. Cars on the road. Children playing. A child on a tricycle. A parade (Independence Day, Bicentennial Parade, Thomaston, Maine). People carrying a banner for the ‘Eastern Rodeo Association’. People on horseback. A girl with a bouquet riding in the back of a convertible. A marching band. A clown. A beauty queen in the back of convertible. A man dressed as Abraham Lincoln. People in period dress. Children on bicycles. Floats. Majorettes/color guard. People on horseback. A line of donkey’s in an equestrian arena. People riding the donkeys. Donkeys pulling carts. A woman riding a mule. A donkey pulling a wagon, with people in period wedding clothes. People in costume walking behind a donkey. Landscape and road filmed from a moving vehicle. Children in the car. Sign: ‘CATSKILL GAME FARM: FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY’. The family looking at and feeding animals in enclosures, including: mountain goats, elk, giraffes, donkeys, zebras, camels, peacocks, buffalo, water buffalo, cows, kangaroos, ostriches, llamas, monkeys, deer, and elephants. People riding elephants. A man brushing an elephant. Performing elephants. [End of Reel]

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