[Emma Louis Cole -- home movies] Reel 2

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circa 1969
F-82027549-1 Item 1 IR 82027[illegible]
Shot of a television screen, showing the moon landing. Two children playing on a slide. A rose bush. A dog on a bed. Adults and children playing on a slide. A girl on the porch of a house. A child holds up a tooth that has just fallen out. A girl on the slide. A child playing in the grass. A rabbit. A man and a child on a riding lawn mower. A child climbing up a slide. A child holding a baby. A woman holding the baby. People seated around a table. A couple kissing. Children playing outdoors. A man walking in the woods. A car driving down a dirt road, filmed through the windshield. A plaque imbedded in a rock for: ‘ALTAR ROCK’. (Nantucket, Massachusetts) Panning shot of landscape. A child feeding a bottle to a baby. Children playing. People waving from the deck of the Nantucket ferry. A helicopter flying overhead. Rose plants, panning to a ‘Volkswagen’ garage. Panning shot of a yard. People having a picnic outdoors. Children playing on a slide. A man exiting a ‘Vera’s Taxi Nantucket’ car. A man with a backpack walking to the taxi. People leaning on the railing of a ferry. Children eating cake. Children on the beach, by a lighthouse. (Nantucket Light) Shot of a television screen, showing Richard Nixon. Children playing with balloons. A girl standing in front of a table with a birthday cake. Children at a birthday party. The girl opening birthday gifts. Children in Halloween costumes. People eating around a table. Children trick-or-treating. A child feeding apples to chickens, turkeys and geese. A person standing on the beach. Children playing with a dog. A girl dancing. The girl and a man cleaning a rug. An airplane landing. Children and a birthday cake. Children playing outside. A group of children at a bowling alley pose for the camera. Children bowling. Two children and a birthday cake. A dog doing tricks. A child dancing. A man and children sitting on a couch, playing with a dog. Two girls being tucked into bed. A girl and a dog. People seated in a car. People on the beach. Children playing on a slide. A girl sitting at a picnic table. A girl playing with a dog. People eating. People playing outside. A man washing a boat on a trailer. A woman walking around the yard with a camera. [End of Reel]

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