Some Glimpses of Our Town--Joan Thurber Baldwin--home movies. Reel 13

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Some Glimpses of Our Town - August 1956
Title Card: “AN OLD OAK PRODUCTION”. People on stage. A woman reveals successive title cards. Title Card: ‘SOME GLIMPSES OF OUR TOWN’. Card: ‘A screen adaptation from the film by Thornton Wilder. Presented by the Manhattan Theatre Colony Players’. Card: ‘Presented through the courtesy of John Lane, John Kirkpatrick, Francis Dixon, Harry E. Lowell, Daisy Atherton’. Card: ‘With Martin Balk, Moira Willie, James Scearce, Lane Smith, Don Collester, Eileen Miller, Larry Henry, June Frye, Gail Dixon [2 other names obscured]’. Card: ‘Carolee Dixon, Seth Weston, Henry Hasso, Frances Burke, Peter Schaffer, Don Collester, Mary Lou Kelly, Janice Duncan, Michelle [illegible], Susan Shackter, Janice Duncan, Julie Strong [obscured].’ Card: ‘Directed By Olthje von Erpecom’. Card: ‘Produced and Presented By Joan Baldwin.’ A sign by the side of the road: ‘Slow Theatre Entrance Ahead’. A road. A sign: ‘Donald cook in “The Golden Egg”’. Shots of the Ogunquit Playhouse and surrounding buildings. People seated outdoors. Actors practicing scenes. An actor on stage gives the opening of “Our Town”. Scenes of the play are intercut with various scenes of Ogunquit, Maine. Card: ‘THE END’. [End of Reel]

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