Test Move--Joan Thurber Baldwin--home movies. Reel 11

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circa 1955
Test Movie
Joan Baldwin stands in front of a Christmas tree and addresses the camera. She talks about the process of making a low-budget film. A mailbox with ‘Baldwin Reveley Old Oak Farm’ written on it. The road, house, barn and surrounding trees. A small shed in the woods. The house and barn. Joan Baldwin films a man and narrates instructions. The man narrates his actions. Joan sits in front of the camera, directing the cameraman to shoot for five seconds. Zoom in on a lamp and a Christmas card. A decorated Christmas tree. A crèche (nativity scene) at the base of the Christmas tree. A different crèche. A woman tying a bow on a dog (dachshund). The man and the woman argue over keeping the dog. Scenes of snowy trees, with voice over narration. Shots of a snowy field, with whistling. A woman reaches for something on a table. A man and a woman seated at a table, talking about running an inn. A man enters and asks for a room. The man walking around the room, orders a drink. A woman enters, and the man whistles at her. The woman sits at a table and starts smoking. The woman talking on the phone. Two women discussing making a film/program. The woman leaves and a man enters. The man and woman talk. The other woman returns and discusses the script and a ‘Mrs. Alcott’. Cut to the man, the first woman and a new man and woman (Mrs. Alcott) talking about the upcoming program. The first two leave. The man goes downstairs to get drinks. [End of Reel]

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