[Virginia Lee Viall--home movies] Reel 1

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circa 1950
Virginia Lee Viall third birthday - June 20, 1950
A toddler (Virginia Viall) at an outdoor table, with a birthday cake and gifts. Virginia on the sidewalk. A man holds Virginia’s hand as they walk by a lake, past a sign: ‘In this Park the lake George Chamber of Commerce Presents…’ Boats on Lake George. A building with the sign: ‘Souvenirs Refreshments’. Cars on the pier. Virginia sitting on the shore. Virginia and a dog. Virginia seated on the pier as a ferry approached. The man and Virginia on the ferry. The prow of a lifeboat: ‘Valcour of Burlington VT’. The shore seen from the ferry. Virginia outside of a building with the sign: ‘Sugar House’. A boy (Bobby) follows Virginia as she rides a tricycle. Bobby and Virginia pose for the camera. Bobby and Virginia on the tricycle. Virginia sitting backwards on the tricycle. The two children next to a turkey pen. Virginia and cows. Bobby on a rope swing. Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree, and a dog. Virginia and Bobby with Christmas gifts. A man handing out Christmas gifts. Virginia with toy dishes. Virginia, Bobby and other children pose for the camera. Children playing outdoors. Bobby with lilies. Virginia with a carnation. Bobby with a decorative rabbit. Virginia holding a decorative lamb. Bobby in a cub scout uniform. Boys playing basketball. Boys in scout uniforms and Virginia watch men pouring cement. An airplane flying overhead, pulling a banner. Bobby and Virginia with flowers. Virginia, Bobby and three men seated on a bench. Bobby with a cake decorated as a carousel. Bobby in a scout uniform. Bobby and Virginia with a birthday cake. Bobby and Virginia playing. Flowers. Virginia stands in front of a lilac bush. Virginia hanging laundry on a line. [End of Reel]

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