[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 17

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circa 1958
A girl (Cynthia, “Cindy”) on a carousel. Children sledding. People ice skating. A parade with marching bands, men in military uniform, and boy scouts. (Film changes to black and white) A line of children. Two boys in front of a store. Three women walking up the sidewalk. A woman hanging laundry near a tent. Tents and cars in a field. People on the beach. Children in a motorboat. People around the tents. (Film changes to color) A bulldozer moving dirt and rocks. Men building a house. Children with a bicycle, next to a Christmas tree. Children playing with toys. A shelf covered in Christmas cards. People eating at a large table. People blowing up a balloon with a bicycle pump. Boys scouts marching in a parade. Panning shot of a house. Cindy with a flag. A large brick building. (A school?) Children leaving the school. Two boys pose for the camera. A girl and a boy (Cindy and Norman?) outside the house. A girl and a boy (Marcia and Dennis?) walking outside. Children playing outside. Girls in swimsuits sitting on the grass. Children at a fairy tale theme park, with a pumpkin horse-drawn carriage. An antique fire truck. Children eating ice cream at a birthday party. Young men and women in formal dress. Christmas decorations. Children with Christmas gifts. A dog in the snow. People ice fishing. A small airplane taking off. A man shoveling snow, while a boy throws snowballs. Shots of snowy landscape. Girls (Cindy and Marcia) with a dog. [End of Reel]

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