Guatemala, Mexico 1932-1933

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1932 – 1933
Street scenes including vendors, people smiling and waving at camera, bull fight.
A line of men in various uniforms walking down the street. One man breaks off from the group to pose for the camera and is joined by a man with a guitar. A crowd gathers to pose in front of the camera. A group of men and women pose for the camera on the side of the street. Close ups of people in the crowd. Cut to two men walking down the road with stacks of baskets on their backs. Women carrying platters of food in the market. Panning shot of the market. Men on horseback. A horse drawn coach. A coach pulled by mules. A sign in the background advertises ‘COGNAC OTARD 30 AÑOS.’ A line of men on horseback. Men in masks sitting in the back of a car. Men and women on horseback. People in costumes sitting on the outside of a car. People on horseback. A bullfight in a large arena. A team of horses drawing away the dead bull. A line of cars and horses driving around the perimeter of the arena. Horses and men in uniform. A different bullfight. Cut to a woman cooking on a small stove on a boat. A woman in a canoe. Shots of other boats. [End of Reel]

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