[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 11

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1951 – 1952
Summer 1951. Team of big horses advertising Budweiser Beer. At the Spears Farm, Auburn, Marcia celebrating her Birthday with the Goudey kids riding the horses. Even Denny takes a whirl at it while Normie sits in the sun & looks on. At the World of Mirth. The 3 Larock kids. At Home with Uncle Roland’s hat. Le’s have a little music & I’ll dance. I can walk, but creeping is fun. Christmas 1951 – the 3 Larock kids at home. Even Daddy got up early. The twins, Timmy, all the gang at Grandpa’s for Christmas. (condensation on the lens blurs these) GrandDaddy feeding apple to 4 little boys. The Collins Boys. 1952 Normie 1 year old & tough as they come. That Cake looks delicious. Lola gave me my hat & Irene my jacket – Big shot! Sure I can walk if I want to. The big storm Feb. 1952. Denny & Teddy helping Ray Tanguay shovel in front of the store. Normie just hold the pile of snow from falling down, or something. (Lee was at Moosehead Ice Fishing)
Shot of a team of Clydesdales pulling a Budweiser beer wagon. A girl (Marcia) riding a horse on her birthday at Spears Farm, along with a boy (Dennis) and the Goudey children. Shot of a goat standing on a fence. Close up of a man (Norman) sitting in the grass. Cut back to the children on horseback. Cut to Dennis, Norman and Marcia riding a small train at the World of Mirth carnival. The three children on a boat ride at the carnival. Dennis and Norman reading a book, while someone off screen throws Uncle Raymond’s fedora hat at them. Norman playing peek-a-boo with a blanket. Norman bouncing/dancing on the couch. Norman and Dennis playing with a radio. Norman playing by himself while Dennis reads. Norman crawling. The children around a Christmas tree, (1951) opening presents and playing with toys. The family gathered at their grandfather’s house for Christmas. Close up of children (the twins and Timmy) playing. Blurry shots of the family. Norman next to his one year birthday cake. (1952) Norman wearing a hat given to him by Lola. Norman on a tricycle. Norman playing. Cut to Dennis and a boy (Teddy) playing in the snow while Ray Tanguay and other people shovel in front of the store. (1952) Norman sitting on a snow bank. Norman playing in the snow. [End of Reel]
Summer 1951

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