[Marguerite Larock--home movies] Reel 1

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1941 – 1942
Marcia at 5 months. Playing with balloons in the bathroom at 419 Main St., Lewiston, lying on her bathinette. Daddy “boos” at her. Daddy holds her. Then Mummy takes over. My it’s warm. See the drool? That’s a nice kiss. Looks more like a bite, with hair pulling. A left jaw. Cave man tactics. Marcia at 6 months in her babytender in the kitchen at 419 Main Street. “Oh, my balloon broke!” “Have some thumb!” “Hi!” “Ka Choo” “Oh, is it good.” Marcia & Sally Remillard in dining room at 419 Main Street. Sally is held by her mother. (Not enough photo flood bulbs for the larger & darker room.) Marcia in the bedroom at 419 Main Street. She snitches her first candy & is caught because she drooled yellow. Darn it! The strip tease. Jumping by herself and liking it. Excuse my back! Marcia at 7 months. “What am I supposed to do anyway?” “That’s not my hat.” “That’s not the way to wear the apron Daddy bought for me either.” “See Charlie? Aunt Lottie made him for me.” “Oh, Eats!” Marcia has apple sauce for the first time. “Ummm--, I guess it is good!” “What cha doing Daddy?” “Umm – my thumb is good too, and much more familiar.” “How do you like my old dark hair sticking up on top as new & lighter hair comes in?” Marcia at 9 months old. At Boiling Springs, Pa. visiting Grandpa Frost. There’s Grandpa, Grandma, Vernard, Ray and me. “I’m a blond now.” “Come on in.” Grandpa’s car. Picking posies. Ray’s chickens – all roosters but two. At Maine Monument at Gettysburg National Cemetery. Marcia at 11 months at 31 Elm St., Lewiston. With Daddy. There’s Charlene & Carolyn. Is it windy!! The Gang at Sabbathday Lake. Tommy’s in my play pen. Charlene’s 7th Birthday cake. Daddy & I swimming. I love it. Hi! With Mummy. Daddy cut off my head. Just exploring. Marcia 1 year old. Her Birthday Party & Birthday cake & ice cream. Yum Yum. “Me & my Guests.” Especially Aunt Mary. At Sabbathday Lake. “I’m not a bit scared.” Deep Sean Diver. Cuttun molars. Grrr. The bribe & Daddy’s legs. This slopes a bit, but guess I can make it. (Mummy loves this one) At 31 Elm St. “Here’s Rocky.” “No, I’ve changed my mind.” “That’s Rocky’s Daddy.” At Sabbathday Lake. Grandmother, Grandfather, “Bomba” & Ray down from Penna. And the whole gang. Hi! Clyde has a hurry call. Hi! Thirteen months old. Rolling a summer squash with Grandpa, Grandma, & my uncles on lawn at 31 Elm St. Labor Day time 1942. 31 Elm St. “Here Rocky – Want an eggbeater?” “Now let me see what I can snitch.” “Bang, on the bean.” “Oh, boy I’ve got his show & watch me go.” 31 Elm st. right after I split my lip the 5th time. With Uncle Arthur Frechette, now a private in the Army, the day before he went away. With Arthur’s soldier doll. “V is for Victory.” 31 Elm St. “Daddy, you forgot your oil jug.” “What am I supposed to do in these leaves?” “Halp!” “Guess I’m mired.” “No – here I am.” “Excuse my back – Mummy likes my tail – do you?”
A baby girl (Marcia) playing with balloons. Cut to Marcia laying on a bed playing with her feet. Mother (Marguerite Larock) holds the baby, smiling at her and playing with her. Baby Marcia sitting in a high chair. Two babies, one in a chair and another on a woman’s lap. Baby Marcia eating, bouncing with help from her mom, sitting in a high chair wearing a hat, wearing a bib on her head, and being fed. Cut to outside front door. Older couple (Grandma and Grandpa Frost) walk by off the porch. Man comes out with baby Marcia and the couple and another man come over and wave to her. Two young men (Vernard and Ray) hold Marcia and play with her. Grandpa plays peek-a-boo. Grandparents drive away in a car. Marcia in the yard. Vernard, Ray, and Marcia in the chicken coop. Man holds a chicken up to baby Marcia. Family at Maine monument in Gettysburg National Cemetery. Cut to Marcia in the yard with two older girls (Charlene & Carolyn) on a windy day. Older girls walk with Marcia in the middle. Marcia walking with help, in a playpen in the yard with the two girls. Marcia on her father’s sholder. Two girls (Charlene and Carolyn) holding dresses in the wind and waving at the camera. Cut to Family at Sabathday Lake. Kids drinking soda from bottles. Baby Marcia visits a small boy (Tommy) in an outdoor playpen. Kids group around a cake and wave at the camera. A young girl (Charlene) cuts the cake. It is her 7th birthday party. Lionel holds Marcia’s hands and walks with her in the water on the beach. Marguerite walks with Marcia in the water toward the camera. Marcia plays in the sand on the beach. Marcia at a table with a cake with one candle. Guests gather around the table. Marcia playing in the sand on the beach at Sabbathday Lake. Marcia standing in the water, holding on to the edge of a boat. Marcia playing on the water’s edge. Cut to Marcia playing in the grass. A man and a toddler (Rocky) in a playpen in the background. Cut to adults and children gathered around a table outside. (Sabbathday Lake) Man (Clyde) runs away. Close up of Marcia seated at the table. Cut to people at the beach. Cut to two men and a toddler near an outdoor playpen. Joined by two more people (Grandpa, Grandma and uncles). Marcia playing with a summer squash and walking around the yard. Marcia walking with eggbeater in hand. Stops to give it to Rocky who is in the playpen. Walking around the playpen. Marcia walks off with a shoe. Uncle Frechette holds Marcia up. Frechette sets down a doll and Marcia walks over to pick it up. Shot of Frechette waving. Playing with her father in the yard with a pile of leaves. Father picks her up and sets her in the leaf pile. [End of Reel]

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