[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 36

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1963 Vac Reel 1
Shots dark and blurry. A bride and groom dancing. A boy (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV) looking out a car window. A man walking out of a house. Signs for the Mass. Pike seen through a car windshield. Road sign: ‘New York Thruway, New York – Albany.’ Road sign: ‘N.Y. 22, Austerlitz, New Lebanon.’ Road sign: ‘Welcome to New York State Thruway.’ Shot of a toll booth. Front of the New York State Capitol building. Shot of the road. Lee IV walking around a parking lot. Road sign: ‘Route 5, Buffalo, Exit 50 ½ Mile. Niagara Falls Hotel Area, Exits 50 and 53.’ Road sign: ‘Penna Line, 10 Miles.’ Road sign: ‘Erie County Line, North East Township Line.’ Road sign: ‘Exit 12, State Line, Exit 1 Mile.’ Road sign: ‘Conneaut 7, Cleveland 73.’ Road sign: ‘Ohio.’ Shot of a park. Lee and Lee IV eating at a picnic table. Sign: ‘Geneva on the Lake Vacationland.’ Shots of the road. Road sign: ‘Ohio Turnpike.’ Road sign: ‘Cleveland West, Youngstown East.’ Road sign: ‘Indiana, East – West, Toll Road, Welcome. Matthew E. Welsh, Governor.’ Lee IV and another toddler playing in the grass. Blurry shots of the road. A man (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon III) at a kiosk. Children on a playground. Blurry shot of Lee IV. Road sign: ‘St. Louis.’ Cows in a field. People outside a brick church. Building with the sign: ‘Eureka.’ Road sign: ‘Jefferson City 15, Bonnots Mill 6.’ Road sign: Jefferson City 9, Taos 1, Osage City 4.’ Panning shot of landscape and a town. Sign: ‘State Capitol.’ Street signs at intersection: ‘Broadway, West High Street.’ Shots of a United States Post Office and Court House building, Jefferson City, Missouri. Shot of the Missouri State Capitol building. Shots of the street. The outside of Busch Stadium, seen from a car. (St. Louis, Missouri) Shots of the outside of the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. Lee and Lee IV sitting in the car. Shots of the street, including the street sign: ‘Gas Light SO.’ Shots of a the Missouri State Capitol building and statues. Sign: ‘Jefferson City National Cemetery.’ Shots of the cemetery. Sign: ‘Memorial Park. Named in Honor of the Men and Women Who Served in the Armed Forces of the United States.’ Children on a playground. Sign: ‘Arrow Rock Tavern, Built 1834, Meals – Museum.’ Sign: ‘Arrow Rock State Park and Tavern.’ Road sign: Odessa 11, Kansas City 46.’ Road sign: ‘Route 0 3, Independence 32.’ Sign: ‘City Limits, Independence, 25 Miles Per Hr. Except Where Posted.’ Shot of a large white house. Close up of the sign for ‘The Harry Truman S. Library.’ Wider shot of the library. Lee and Lee IV walking up the library steps. Close up of a Missouri license plate. Sign: ‘Truck Entrance to Stock Yards.’ Buildings seen from the road. [End of Reel]

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