[Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 23

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1955 – 1960
Family Hash Reel 2 1955-1959 / Family Hash Reel 3 1958-1960
Family gathered around the Christmas tree. Children playing with toys. A bride and groom exit a church. Bride and groom getting into a car. Nuns walking down the street. Blurry shot of people gathered in a living room. People posing outside an American Airlines airport. Shot of people getting on an airplane. People playing in a field. A man exiting a house. Panning shot of a line of Christmas cards. A rocking horse and presents under a Christmas tree. Too dark to see. Blurry shot of people opening presents. A child playing darts. Blurry shot of a man holding up a painting. People on a beach. Panning shot of houses along the water. Shot of people gathered under a tent. Shot of a sign, ‘Mt. Washington Auto Road, Open’ Panning shot of the field near Mt. Washington. Cars parked along the side of the street. Shot of a bride and groom. Shot of the bridal party. The bride throws the bouquet. A man holds up the garter. People throw flowers at the bride and groom. Panning shot of a lake and mountains. Shot of a road. Landscape seen through the window of a car. Scene of the outside of a house. Close up of a young girl. The outside of a church with Christmas wreaths. A sign says ‘St. Charles Catholic Church, Sunday Mass 9:30’. Shot of the house. Two people having a snowball fight. A group of people in a living room with a Christmas tree. Family eating Christmas dinner. Road sign, ‘RTE SO LYNNFIELD, C-1 NH & MAINE’. Blurry shot of a road sign. Shot too dark to see. The outside of a house in the dark. A cathedral. A road sign, ‘Belknap Mountain Recreation Area Gilford, 11-A’. Panning shot of countryside. Panning shots of a living room. People posing in front of a wall covered in Christmas cards. People opening presents. An adult pulls a child on a sled up a snowy road. A child pulling a sled. People sledding. A horse in the snow. People playing in the snow. [End of Reel]

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