[Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 2

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Dec 30 1922 Wedding - J.F.P. [Jeannette Peabody] + LeGC [LeGrand Cannon Jr.] - Lee mother’s wedding
A staircase in a house. A wedding party walks down in pairs. First the groomsmen, then the bridesmaids. A man walks the bride (Jeanette Peabody Cannon) down and hands her off to the groom (LeGrand Cannon Jr) waiting at the bottom of the stairs. He leads her away and her father untangles her veil from the garland on the banister, and follows behind. More people come down the stairs. The wedding party walk past the camera in pairs, led by the bride and groom. Once they are all past couples begin dancing. Bride and groom dancing. Bride and groom greet people. Procession walks by again. [End of Reel]

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