[Estella Doughty--home movies] Reel 17

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Box notes: 'Ruthie, Julie, Fishing, Julia, Ruthie & Ben'
California: A white truck drives into a cul-du-sac. A man (Seth) gets out. A woman (Kay) comes out of the house and then ducks back inside. Blurry shot of kids on bikes in the cul-du-sac. Alabama: A woman (Ruthie) taking laundry off a clothesline (scene is fast). A man (Ben) sorting shrimp on a conveyor with two boys. African American man on a shrimp boat dumping a bucket of shrimp into a water bin. A red car pulls up and a man gets out. Cut to the shore line and a shot of a shrimp boat on the water (might be Ben Peyregne’s boat). Waves crashing on the shore. Estella posing in front of the water. More waves. Cut to two men coming out of a house and getting into a car. A woman on the lawn with several kids. They wave at the camera. A man and woman carry a cooler out of the house. Out of focus footage of people swinging on a rope into a river. [End of Reel]
Notes from viewing with family (mostly Julia Raven, with some input from Mark and Dee): Brother Seth & his wife Kay In California My sister Ruthie They are Shrimping. Must be in Alabama. Ben Peyregne shrimped and fished Mama (Estella) on the coast

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