[Estella Doughty--home movies] Reel 7

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Box notes: 'In Ala, July, 1967, Seth's Truck' [Box doesn't match film content]
The water shot from a beach, the camera zooms in on a boat. Kids and some adults clamming on the beach. A man sits on a picnic table with his family (Harold, his wife Harriet, and his kids Bud, Carmen, and Susan). Harriet turning over meat on the grill. The family eats at the picnic table. Kids playing in the water with some dogs playing on the beach. Cut to Bud, Carmen, and Susan dressed for Sunday school. A dark shot of Harriet painting the trim on the outside of the house. Cut to unloading a horse from a trailer. An older woman (Ellurra Buzzell) leads the horse into the road. [End of Reel]
Notes from viewing with family (mostly Julia Raven, with some input from Mark and Dee): Digging clams Teedie, Harriet, & the family Harriet painting Nana unloading Woody the pony

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