[Ellsworth Movie Queen]

Boston, Massachusetts
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circa 1936
Label on can - 20 Silent Movie.
Reel 13 from DVDs of 16mm transferred October 1999. Action presumably takes place in June as there are school graduations. Lightly edited if at all, and some sequences seem out of order. Movie Queen is about 35 minutes, beginning and ended with color stock. Color (faded) Officers with hats off at attention, then pan of school children in a group in front of brick wall and at train station. Quick shot of "dirigo" poster in background. Children wave, then woman in checked coat helped into open car; she is the Movie Queen. She has large bouquet of flowers. Officer on motorcycle. Bystanders on street. Film stock changes to b&w, pans of people on street. Some in work clothes. Ellsworth ball players in uniform, teenage boys, men in white work coats. Tilt down Ellsworth City Hall facade. Movie Queen in checked coat with hat on at an angle and flowers ascends stairs to City Hall (slow motion), man comes to greet her, man with suit and watch chain gives her "key to city", they shake hands. Children smile and wave. Movie Queen, woman on one side and man on the other on steps in front of City Hall. Then camera tour of Ellsworth Main Street (some of the film is reversed, judging by sign Tracy's is backwards) Intertitle: "Movie Queen Visits Sunday Church-goers" Sunny day, strong brights and shadows. Camera position is at bottom of short flight of stairs outside of church, very close up, many heads are cut off in framing. Snappily dressed men smoke. Luchini's Cafe, workers out front. Man with wagon. Man raises hat. Another set of church goers emerges, group poses for camera. Third church with pillars. Priest runs to steps. Man in boater straw hat, group of three women. Tracey's Restaurant, signs for lobster roll, 20 cents. Roof and Dining Room painted sign. Morang-Robinson Auto Co. Bar Harbor Motor Co. Man pumps gas while looking at camera. CUs other citizens Intertitle: "Patronize your Local Merchants, They Deserve It." Ford V8 sign, large. Men look at information, then view of car. Driving down Main Street in Ellsworth through windshield shot. Crossing bridge. Views of buildings. Police officer. Ellsworth Laundry, people out front. "Hancock County Shoe Hospital" shop. View of shoes in store window. Bangor Hydro Electric Electric Service. Young woman, possibly African American among employees walking to camera and then standing formall. F.C Scott store. Uniformed police man. Man on ladder painting. Alexander's. Man outside with "chocolates" sign, small. Willey's store. Large animated mule head float on a vehicle. Stratton's 5c to $1.00 Store. Views of clothing displayed The great Atlantic & Pacific store with white-uniformed employees. Fruit on sidewalk stand. L.C. Fortier, awning. CU man in glasses in tweed coat. Talks with another man. Wescott Hdwe store. IGA, man holds dog in harness, it struggles. Iclement Brothers. Man smoking gestures. Barber pole on sidewalk Interitltle: "Movie Queen Visits Sunday Church-goers" repeats. Seems to be misplaced as shots are mostly sidewalk views and graduations. Parade of students, girls in white dresses with corsages and boys in suits, seems to be graduation. IGA Stores gas pumps. Ellsworth Forest Products lumber storefront. Group of churchgoers comes out of building. Mostly women and children. Then views of men, and graduating students in robes and mortarboards. Students assembled for group shot on stairs. Women in white shoes. Soldiers or CCC workers, all men, lined up going into a building. [Possible Governor Brann CCC Camp in Ellsworth, which was open 1933-1936. There were CCC camps in Bar Harbor and Southwest Harbor, too.] Observers at an Ellsworth baseball game. Players on bench. Player waves mitt at camera. Some women in stands, several with sunglasses. Views of players on field, scoreboard, viewers. Several runs. Pan of team, very nice. Man smoking, Chesterfield ad behind him. Surveying crew at work. Man in vest. Ellsworth Machine Co. Women on sidewalk. Man in straw hat and three piece suit. Man stops on sidwalk. JP Eldridge Plumbing and Heating Co. vehicle with dog on running board. Company workers pose. Young woman in car, smiles. Excavation. Couple on street. Greenhouse with vehicles by it. Crew with plants, rail line behind them. Central Cafe. Workers, screen door. Millinery on display, woman in white coat turns to camera. Harry C. Austin store. M.R. Head Clothing. Keds display. Man holds up underpants. Man in uniform. Man in white Panama hat. Man gasing up car at service station, cleaning windshield. MacLeod & Hamilton, Goodrich Tires. Service station workers, some in overalls. Police Chief, briefly. Hancock Co. Co-operative Creamery. Truc backs up. Four workers in aprons on loading dock, another man and two women come out. Man stands by truck. Citizen views. Man with wheelbarrow. First National Stores, many signs on produce and about groceries. View of City Hall. Intertitle: "Movie Queen visits school children" Children come toward camera, they are wearing paper head dreses and have their arms crossed sternly, stereotypical Indian performance, some paper tomahawks. Girls have baby dolls. People come out of building, teacher with students. School Bus. Girls in dresses lined up, girl with wand is a fairy, walks along them. Man going up ladder, derelict house. Taking off roof. Buckminster's Radio Shop. Philco signs Royal's barber shop. Students come out of door with diplomas. Students from other classes and family members come out after. One woman stumbles.Some young women with flowers. H. Blaine Davis lumber. Co. Easter-Western and Southern. Boy on tricycle, girl in jumper. LH Brown Retail Lumber by train tracks. More people on street, grocery store. Adams Dry Goods. Two women out front. Liberty National Bank. Group of people milling about as students emerge from building with roses pinned to their fronts. Color (faded), Movie Queen with bouquet, man with squirming dog, he is in uniform, Movie Queen laughs. ___________________________________ Compiled short comedies: Keystone Presents Charlie Chaplin in the Theatre. Scratched and damaged Chaplin short. So Slmple distributed by Empire Safety Film Co. 723 7th Ave., New York City Our Gang, Little Rascals, Lodge Night (1923), no head title. Joining the Cluck Cluck Klams Coney Islands Amusements, Empire Safety Film Co. 723 7th Ave., New York City Kodak title, "Legion Parade, Boston, Mass. Oct 7, 1930" DVD Reel 13 Part II continues with "Legion Parade, Boston, Mass. Oct 7, 1930" End Reel 13

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