[Camp Chewonki] Reel 2

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Promotional 1940s Camp Film. Exercises in unison, one boy playing a joke is naked from the waist down. Boy gets a bath. Shot of boys brushing their teeth. Nurse weighs boys and checks them out. Boys clean bunks and bedding. Boys get inspected for cleanliness by counselor. Boy gets bath. Intertitle: “Simple Justice Quickly Applied” followed by footage of a boy crawling through the legs of boys in a line who spank him as he passes through (spanking machine). Group of boys in front of a building. Boy shoots bow and arrow at target, shot of an archery lesson. Sports and activities such as baseball, hurdle jumping, relay races, long jump, three-legged races, burlap sack races, horseback riding, and horse jumping. Boys walk through the woods identifying flora and fauna. Boys catch bugs in nets and jars. Shots of boys making crafts with leaves on paper. Shot of a hummingbird on a flower. Boys walk through woods and explore. Boys with hatchets cut branches and build a fire, cook food on the fire. Shot of boats and water, rowing, canoe races. Boy repairing or building a kayak. Hand-held sailboats being launched in the water. Boys running to water in swimsuits, waving to the camera on the dock. Boy in harness learning to swim. Diving. Two African American cooks on step of building making stirring motion in a pot and bowl. Cook waving to camera. Boys in line walking into a building. Line of boys getting popcorn and soda for some sort of party. Shot of boy eating a hot dog. Campers seated on the ground. Wide shot of camp. Boats on water. Boys on shore and rocks collecting things into buckets. Boys kayaking. A little boy with a paddle. Tennis. Boys getting haircuts. Various shots of groups of boys in a line waving at the camera, camera stops on each face. Various shots of groups of counselors, face by face. Native American dance re-enactment and storytelling, theatrical, with campers and counselors in costume. Assembled for what appears to be a church service? View of everyone sitting in the woods with what appears to be families who have joined the campers.

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