India, 1953-1957--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 28

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mid 1950s
India, 19523-1957 1953: Delhi school Olympics (Sal) Chet with servants' children Party at our house for servants and their families Delhi public school - playing cricket, classroom tents, tomb/nurse's clinic Chet, Nehru, Nehru's sister (Vijayalakshmi Pandit) Snake charmers Picnic at Okla canal 1955: Steb and Chet visit North Indian village work: spinning, irrigating Orissa - Vinoba (land gift movement), ferry Steb and Chet at village projects - Jean Joyce, shows and dances 1957: Delhi Public School Shakur and family Hauz Khaz Tiruvarar - Harris Wofford, Vinoba Bhave and Aryanaya, Kam
Delhi School Olympics: Groups of girls and boys in school uniform led by one person carrying a flag in each group marching on a track, with people in the stands watching. Chet with servants’ children. Men putting together a small wooden Ferris wheel. Children on the Ferris wheel going around. Children on a small carousel. Dorothy with a bowl of mints or candy, passing them around to children. Ferris wheel. Children at the fair, drinking soda, smiling at the camera, riding donkeys. Sam on the carousel. A man in a turban at a microphone introduces Chet, Chet shakes his hand and speaks in to the microphone to the crowd, Dorothy (in the crowd) bows to Chet. Dorothy at the microphone. Dorothy and Chet shaking hands with guests. Guests, Ferris wheel, carousel. Chet on the carousel. Two Indian men ride small donkeys. All the guests on the back porch. Sam and other boys in school uniform playing cricket. Chet, Nehru, and Nan Pandit (Vijaya Lakshmi). A snake charmer. Indian family picnicking. The Bowles family and other picnicking at Okla Canal (Agra Canal in Okhla neighborhood of Delhi). Nice buildings and a pool in courtyard. Indian children. A village in North India: People in the fields and on a dirt road. Girls spinning. A small boy on a roof. Archway with “Atoms for Peace” written on it. Dark shot inside a room. Man with a cow pulling water out of a well. Large crowd under a “Welcome” sign. Men and children in a village. Men carrying baskets of fruit and other things. Ox carts with hay. Shots of a large crowd. River: Men in boats pushing them along the river with a pole. People walking in shallow water. Village: Men and women lined up on either side of a dirt road with a sign hung above them that reads, “Mr. & Mrs. Chester Bowles Welcome to Community Project MULUG” [12:21]. CU on sign. Dorothy and Chester wearing flower leis stand on either side of a door with a pink ribbon across the opening. Chet cuts the ribbon and a line of children go into the building. A woman in a green shirt cuts the ribbon in front of another opening. CU on sing “Multipurpose Cooperative Society Jawhar Poor.” Chet and Dorothy walk through the village surrounded by people. Villagers. Chet and Dorothy walk out of the village under the sign with a crowd behind them. People on the road. Roof of a white building with the Indian flag and a sign that reads “Dayas Centre Venkatapur.” Dorothy cuts the ribbon into the building. A large crowd poses for the camera. Chet, Dorothy, and the women in the green shirt walk through the crowd and stop at a woman in a horse costume. The woman in the costume twirls and dances with three men. Children bring flowers leis to Chet, Dorothy, and company. The crowd walks through the village. Dark shot of Dorothy giving presents to children. A large pile of rice? on a tarp, men gather it into bowls. CU on a sign “We Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Chester Bowles.” Chet in a crowd of people around a car. 1957: LS of Delhi Public School grounds. Tents, children in uniform lined up. Chet with a large garland of flowers around his neck. Chet poses with a man (Shaksur, head servant at the Embassy Residence) and his family. A quick shot of children by a ruin. A white man followed by several Indian children walking down a road. A large group of Indian people walking down a road. Two women washing clothes in a river. A temple across the river. Some children in the road. A man in front of a car with “Bhoodan” written on the front. [End of Reel]

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