Family in Saybrook, 1936--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 10

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1936 - Saybrook: B & Ches sledding, skating, railroad station, Nana Papa; pond at Essex?
A spaniel plays fetch in a snowy yard. Chet in a long fur coat stands with another couple and a dog while Chester plays in the yard in and out of frame. The other man picks up a snow ball and throws it at the camera. Chester and the spaniel play in the snow. Chet pulling Barbara and Chester up a hill on a sled. The kids fall out. All three of them go down the hill on the sled. Chet pulls them on the sled, at first they fall off. Dorothy ice skating. A man and a small dog sit at the edge of the pond. Chester ice skating. The man pulls one of the kids across the ice on a sled while the small dog chases them. Dorothy and Chester skating. Both kids skate towards the camera. Section of black. A train arriving and people getting off the train. Chester greets a man and a woman with luggage (Dorothy’s parents). The kids sledding. Chet and the kids shoveling. A pan of two houses on a lake. Front door opens and Chester comes out. Chester playing with the spaniel. The dog gets his hat and Chester chases him. Chet comes out the front door and plays with the dog. Chester building a snow fort, the dog jumps in and out. Chester wrestles with the dog while Chet looks on. Dorothy watches while Chet jumps on the dog and gets carried. Color: Barb and Chester in a small boat. The dog plays in the water nearby. Chet on the pier with another man trying to get something out of the water. Heavy wind and rough water along the shore. Dorothy and several kids stand in the wind and lean against it. The spaniel and another dog run in the woods. Spaniel swimming. Four children throw sticks in the water for the dog to fetch. A boy climbs a tree and the camera pans away out over the water, which looks to have flooded. Children and dogs playing in the woods, Fall with heavy wind. The spaniel, in the water fetching a stick, has trouble getting on the bridge so one of the kids pulls him up. [End of Reel]

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