Meadow Brook Bridge--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 23

Searsport, Maine
Sandy Point
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Bridge construction, Meadow Brook Bridge, Maine. Title, 'Opeechee Stream Bridge, Searsport' Title, 'The Gypsie Bridge Builders enjoy the summer breezes of Penobscot Bay while replacing one of the few stone bridges remaining on Route 1.' Scene of bridge. Title, 'The new bridge is concrete wooden frame type, built in two sections to allow for expansion.' Scene of new bridge, then scene of old bridge. Title, 'Piles are driven for a 20 ft. width temporary bridge which provides for the maximum legal load and over 4,000 vehicles per day.' Scene of old bridge with car going over, and 20 ft. piles being put in. Title, 'After muck and clay was excavated, a trench was blasted by the ledge 2 ft. deep for the concrete foundation.' Scenes of dredging and workers hauling materials. Title, 'June 17, the weatherman said rain and rain it did.' Scene of bridge and machinery in rain. Title, 'After 4 days idleness.' Workers in action. Title, 'Concrete footings are placed for first section.' Concrete footing being laid in and workers shoveling. Title, 'Removing the old stone bridge to make room for section two.' Scenes of old stones being hoisted up and carted away. Title, 'The abutments are up to 18 inches thick with a double row of reinforcing rods.' Abutments laid in. Title, 'The abutment reinforcing rods are continued thru the superstructure. From this comes the designation RIGID FRAME.' Reinforcing rods being put in. Title, 'Limited working space makes necessary transit-mix concrete.' Concrete truck arrives and pours. Title, 'Removal of temporary bridge and cleaning up.' Temporary bridge is removed and lumber hoisted away. Title, 'Our living quarters were pleasant and sometimes interesting.' Shot of dog, mobile trailer park, children running through fields, sign reading 'Sandy Point.' Title, 'Eight miles east of Searsport, Meadow Brook Bridge over Meadow Brook, a small but pleasant job.' Several views of very small bridge, then the dredging operations and stone removal, trees being felled, workers preparing new bridge, CU of dog, scenes of new bridge and final work being done. Title, 'Rumford next.' Trucks and equipment drive over new bridge.

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