[Milton Dowe—home movies] Reel 3

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25:07-26:07 Man on tractor with man with mowing blade behind working the tall hay in a field. 26:07- 29:29 Man with horse and raker in hay field gathering hay for making into bales. Two men use pitchforks to gather hay into piles, and fork it into an open wagon. A tractor hauls the wagon across a field. The tractor has a sign "Dowes Auto Service" and a telephone number in China, Maine. It stops from time to time to add more hay. Brief view of the wagon going through a village, then men pitching the hay into the top of a barn. The tractor and open empty hay wagon are seen leaving the farm. Alewife fishery on the Sheepscot River Intertitle: "From the Ocean; Up the River; Into Man Made Pools" 29:29-30:47 Views of rocky stream, wooden bridge, rushing water and fish ladder. 30:48- 33.30 Views of a hand reaching into the water and catching a small fish (alewives?) by the tail. Other men use large nets to catch fish and put them on the fish ladder. Shots of fish on wooden planks, squirming, flopping, etc. Pushing the fish along, then shoveling them up into a water-filled sluice, then into large barrels where they are layered with salt as they fall in. Intertitle: "1000 Barrels a Day" 33.32- 33:55 Moving a barrel full of fish in the processing area. Close views of man with scooper full of salt covering fish in barrel. Intertitle: "Some are Strung" 33:55-34:11 Fish are strung on metal rods through their gills. Views of rods with fish lined up to dry. Intertitle: "Then Pickled and Smoked 12000 at a Time" 34:11-34:30 Views of exterior of wood smokehouse, then MS young woman at door of smokehouse holding a rod of strung fish which have been smoked. Intertitle: "Beaver Dam" 34:30- 35:56 Panning shot of forest area with stream and dam created with tree debris by beavers. It is quite large and wide. Several pans of the rushing water, then various views of the calm water above the dame, and the evidence of tree damage by the beavers. Trick film Intertitle: "Is Seeing Believing by M.E. Dowe and W.J. Roach. Will He Live" 35:56-37:25 Pan up from a set of knives set on the top of a barrel in the country to a man standing in front of the exterior wall of a barn. Shots of the man standing against the barn as several knives land in the clapboards around him. Cut to the thrower supposedly losing his balance, and then a knife entering the chest of the man at the barn. The "victim" stands away from the wall and shows how the trick was done.

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