[Lloyd B. Hayes--home movies] Reel 7

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Two women walk along the shore. A man and a young girl in swimsuits shake hands. The man attempt to give her a piggy-back ride and they both fall in the water. Footage of people in swimsuits wading in the water. A young boy sits on the shore as a woman walks away. Footage of people playing on the shore. A woman shakes out her shoes and puts them on. A young boy buttons up his shirt. A woman cleans off her feet. A young girl dries off. A woman walks toward the camera. Two men and three children sit precariously in an inflatable raft until the raft flips over. A man and two boys tip a girl out of the raft and they all walk to the shore. A young boy paddles out to a launch in the raft. An older man lounges in the raft. Two older men fight in the raft until they both fall in the water and a young boy wades off with it. A shot of a group of adults and children tossing a ball around near the water. A man holding an umbrella walks along the shore. An older man and a boy and girl in the raft. A young man and woman pose for the camera. An old fisherman walks by piles of logs on the docks. A shot of an old fisherman on the docks. Footage of Rachel Millard and an old man with a large mustache in front of a shack and a pile of wood. A few shots of fishermen on the docks. A man pulls a box in from the water as people watch. Footage of fishermen on the docks preparing trawl lines. An old man descends a ladder on the dock into a boat and a man stands on a nearby boat. Two shots of a man in a launch out on the water. A older man and a woman load some bags into a wheelbarrow. They pose for the camera. The older man wheels the wheelbarrow down the street. A shot of an older man walking by the camera past a house. Two men descend a wooden pier. Footage of men on the docks tying up their skiffs, posing for the camera, sitting in boats and resting. A shot of the pier and docks. Men relax on the docks. A shot of men descending a wooden pier. An older man unties a boat and throws the rope to the two men in the boat. A shot of a covered launch towing a dingy. Two shots of a man standing on the bow of a boat. Rachel Millard greets an older man in front of a house and sits on the porch to talk with him. They walk to a well with a young boy.

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