Autos of Yesteryear, Winthrop, Maine--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 21

Winthrop, Maine
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Title: '1955 Autos of Yesteryear, Winthrop, Maine' Tourists watch pre-1930 cars drive by. Stanley Steamer arrives. LS numerous cars on dirt track. Several pans of 40-50 parked cars. Young boys run in front of moving cars. MS black car. Several quick shots of dirt. Large convertible auto pulls out of parking line. MS yellow Model A Ford car with man leaning on running board. CU man with sign reading 'First Prize Magic Spot Contest.' CU newspaper article about antique auto show, reads "Gardiner Area News." Series of cars drive through middle of town. Pan of town square as cars drive past Mobil gas station.

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