[Lloyd B. Hayes--home movies] Reel 4

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The steamboat J.T. Morse of Eastern S.S. Lines pulls into Spurling Cove, ME, filled with passengers. Rachel Millard talks with one of the crew members as they walk around the ship. They wave from the deck as the steamboat pulls away. Footage of the cove, including the town dock and the Mount Desert Island mountains in the background. A few shots of a lobster shacks with piles of traps around it. A shot of the docks with a Model T Ford. Footage of the houses in the area. A line of people step up and shake hands a man in a suit as Lloyd B. Hayes stands by. A man on a dock holds a boat steady for Lloyd and Rachel to get into it. They row out to a launch and get in. Footage of them in the launch. The launch pulls up to the dock and then they step out and tie up the boat. Rachel and another woman row a boat onto the shore and man helps them secure it and exit the craft. Footage of them walking around the island. The two women cook and eat a meal over a small, open fire on some rocks. A shot of waves splashing on the rocky shoreline. Footage of the two women on the rocks, retreating as the waves come in. A woman harvests blueberries with a rake and a bucket.

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