[Naturalist Films] Tape 2

Acadia National Park, Maine
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1936 – 1946
Untitled educational/cultural films and nature films. // Date range from information in collection folder. // Original footage is 16mm film. // NHF retains video copy with the following labels: 2. Flora: Misc. Shrubs, Hedges etc, Flowers: Wildflowers of Acadia, Sea: Coastal Views, Thunder Hole, Sailing Vessels - 1930s (?), Indian Crafts: Canoe making, Basket, SnowshoeMaking, Winter Sports (1930s?): Ice skating, Ice Fishing, Commercial Cutting of Ice Blocks, Naturalist's Cruise - 1930s: Estates, Misc. Coastal Scenes, Sea Birds, Boat Pilot (identified by Bernie Hawks as being Captain Charles Parker), Winter Sports: Fishing, Winter Scenes, Ice boating. // Most of color images are faded. NHF viewing notes: Cliff face with vegetation, meadow with wild flowers, pine tree with passing clouds. Sign reads ìThunder Holeî, line of visitors approaching through woods, visitors at railings near sea, shots of Thunder Hole, visitors coming away past sign. Shot of car park with 1930s automobiles, park warden showing visitors views, coastal scenes, cars go by in profile against scenic view. 2 shots of bronze plaques (illegible), shot of plaque dedicated to Samuel de Champlain, view of mountain, house on hill. People visit wooden house with flag flying, shots of coast, shots of coast framed by trees. Yacht with four masts seen sailing against light, man standing against cliff showing scale of strata, islands of Bar Harbor seen from summit with stoned marking edge of road in foreground and line of cars passing along road, views at dusk. Title reads: ìIndian Crafts,î shots of canoes on grass, man working on canoe with wood working tools inside building, demonstrates carrying canoe on shoulders, man strips a section from log, man weaves strips into basket, two men chop tree down and remove bark in rolls, carry rolls of bark away through woods, man fashions bark into drinking vessel, another makes a small carry case out of folded bark. CU shots of decorative boxes, shot of snow shoes. Title reads: ìThe End.î Man skating, group of people with snowshoes, long shot of people skating on lake, men sawing ice and shifting ice blocks, lifting blocks onto truck, female ice skater, couple skating, man speed skating, two men fall over, kids skating in line. Shots of sledding and skiing, man skating in circles. Ice fishing, making a hole in the ice. Title reads: ìNaturalist's Sea Cruise.î Captain at helm of boat, houses on coast, coast seen from water, houses in background, boat in distance seen following line of cliffs. Passenger using binoculars, sail boat, boat seen through porthole. Eagle flying in sky, hole in cliff face, dinghy trailing behind boat, man dropping anchor. Passengers brought ashore by dinghy, helped out of dinghy. Park ranger talking about sea life, shots of sea anemone, starfish under water, eagle in tree. Passengers return to boat, men on prow of large sailing boat. Boat with three masts. Men on skates thread poles onto canvas to make a sail, shot of ice skate against sail cloth and ice, wind skating. 2 children skate across ice holding Christmas trees, man holds fish caught from hole in the ice, view of snow covered landscape toward mountain, eaves of house seen above snowy treetops. Skiers pulled up hill by cable, skiing, ice yacht on frozen lake, sledding, preparing sails of ice yacht, 2 ice yachts seen together, view of mountain.

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